Adding hard disk storage to Virtual Box

This tutorial will continue with adding hard disk storage to virtual box which is a part of Create a virtual machine with Sun Virtual Box tutorials.

In the previews tutorial we were setting up the memory for the virtual machine, here you can select the type of the virtual hard disk you want to create. There are two options:

Dynamically expanding storage ‘“ initially occupies a very small amount of space on your physical hard disk. It will grow dynamically (up to the size specified) as the Gyest OS claims disk space.

Fixed size storage ‘“ this one does not grow. It is stored in a file or approximately the same size as the size of the virtual disk. The creation of fixed-size storage may take a long time depending on the storage size and the write performance of your hard disk.

Adding hard disk storage to Virtual Box

I prefer the first method, since ‘it takes as much as it needs’ fits to my intentions. This one is rather slow than the fixed size one, though.

Make your selection and continue with the next step regarding the disk usage ‘“ Virtual Disk Location and Size.

Adding hard disk storage to Virtual Box

On this step you have choice to where the virtual disk will be stored and also the amount of the space you are going to allocate.

Take in mind that the size option is up to 2 TB! Your disk may not contain so much free space.

Select the size of the virtual hard disk in megabytes. This size will be reported to the Guest OS as the maximum size of this hard disk.

Adding hard disk storage to Virtual Box

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