Adding image hosting site picture link to website

With this tutorial I will show you how you can use free image hosting to link pictures to your webpage.

I will use AvatarHosting.NET site which is very easy to be used, no need to create and account and provide reliable image hosting service.

First go to (copy and paste that link or click on free image hosting).

Adding image hosting site picture link to website

Click on browse and add your image. You can choose category and keywords if you like, but it is not a must.

If you want the links to be e-mailed to your, put your e-mail address, and if you do not want your image to be visible by others click on ‘Private’.

Once you click ‘Upload’ the image will appear on a separated page.

Adding image hosting site picture link to website

Once it is uploaded you can gather the direct image link from your e-mail, you just click ‘Get LINK Codes’ to expand all available links.

Adding image hosting site picture link to website

Copy and paste the Direct HTTP link and then you can include it in your code.

I will create very simple HTML page where I will include picture link to website code.

Let’s see how it will look when I put this page with linked image on my hosting.

Adding image hosting site picture link to website

Certainly you can have more text, you can add more pictures linked from free image hosting, even you can create whole gallery using the site there.

Another opportunity that AvatarHosting.Net provides with the Direct HTML link is that you can put it directly in chat, Facebook (all social networks), forums, blogs, etc. where people with one click can reach the picture you are offering them.

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