Bad neighborhood linking – negative on-page factor

The topic in this tutorial will discuss why linking to wicked websites or such with bad ‘neighbors’ is negative on-page ranking factor.

In the previous tutorial we spoke about Overdone optimization which is not good, but the results of it even cannot be compared to what will happen to your site if you put a link to spam or adult web pages.

In general do not link to site for ‘grown-ups’, link farms, not trusted directories, spam and inimical sites.
I have seen well ranked websites hacked and filled with ‘bad neighborhood’ links laid in the ‘sand box’, almost without a chance to be pulled out from there.

If you are asking yourself: ‘How I can recognize which site is good or bad’ – unfortunately there is no straight answer.

Basically if you receive a request for reciprocal link exchange and you are not sure whether to accept the deal, better drop it.
We receive about 10-15 offers daily about exchanging links with other sites and we ignore about 99.99% of them. Even if the website is on the same matter and with good ranking we make a deep research before considering the proposal.

This may sound like paranoia, but even a nice website may go ‘bad’ and your one to become a victim because of this.

Imagine this: You have made a link exchange with a company with similar activates as yours. Unexpectedly the company goes broke, and the very nice, trusted, well ranked company website has been bought by an owner of several spam sites. The site is turned into another spam source, trying to take the benefit as much as it can, from the visitors still coming because of the previous content.
Well then even thought you did nothing, your site can be penalized.

Because of cases like the above described one, it is really good idea to inspect your outgoing links periodically.

There are many tools in the web allowing you to check your external links, but two or three are really good in that.

Personally I often use:

It checks your neighbors and the neighbors of your neighbors for ‘bad’ links and even provide at your attention not marked as bad, but suspicious pages and sites.

The next tutorial will be about another not good SEO factor – Cheating with redirect

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