Banner advertising advices

Banner advertising advices

Banners are an effective form of advertising which has a positive effect on your page – more visitors. When creating your banners the following tips may help you to make them more attractive:

– The dimensions of the banners must meet the standards – one of my colleagues has wrote a really good article about the banner standards: Web Banners Standards

– Make your banners with the most commonly used sizes. It is good idea to have a banner (88px x 31px.), because this size is really often offered banner advertising spot

– The banner must be visible and outlined against the rest of the website content. For this purpose use animated banners (GIF, FLASH). If you create animated banner, make sure that the file size is not too big. This can be achieved if you limit the number of frames contained and the banner is optimized with appropriate software.

– The main style of the banner must be consistent with the type (theme) of the page. This is especially important for larger banners (Skyscrapers).

– The text on the banner must be legible, concise, to catch the eye, and to be directly linked with the name and content of your site

What can be told against banners is that the people know that it is advertising and may decide it is lying and may not click on it. Currently the most used way for advertising is text advertisements (like Google adwords) which can be included among the page text.

You can read more about whether the banners are good choice for advertising in: Do banners work?

Make sure you host your banner images in your own webhosting server to make sure that the image is always available.

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  1. nublu says:

    I agree, banners are extremely effective and yes, on a lot of occasions when people see a banner they automatically assume it’s just another advertisement and not even bother to investigate closer or click on it. However, you can make your banners NOT look like banners but instead like a great source of information which helps eliminate the negative feelings towards advertisements. It is not deceiving anyone it is just a marketing tip :)

  2. Tonny says:

    That is a really good point Nublu. Thank you for the comment.

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