Burning files with Ashampoo Burning Studio

Ashampoo Burning Studio is rated as most efficient and the easiest CD/DVD media burning tool.
It is not as popular as Nero Burning ROM, but it is more comprehensive and easy to work with and in the next few steps you will convince yourself about that.

I presume you have already installed and Ashampoo on your PC,so go and start it.

For few seconds you will see the loading screen:

Burning files with Ashampoo Burning Studio

Then the Ashampoo burning panel will appear.

Burning files with Ashampoo Burning Studio

You can see the options that you have with common sense descriptions.

It is so simple to write the files as you just need to choose what you want, then to select the file/s, according to the size and file types Ashampoo will ask for type of media, and when it get it will automatically start burning with the best options for both media and PC capabilities.

Let’s try with the first tool ‘Burn Files and Folders‘.
When you click on it two options will appear:
– Create new CD/DVD
– Update an existing CD/DVD

I think it will be your first ‘baking’ so choose to create a new media.

An ‘Ashampoo Edit files and folders’ window will appear.

Burning files with Ashampoo Burning Studio

Now, you can use both the ‘Add’ button or just to drag and drop files from your computer to put additional files for record, as you can see on the pop-up message.

Ashampoo will automatically estimate the size of the media that is needed and will fill it on the ruler at the bottom. Also it will automatically calculate and tell you what media will fits on at the bottom right.

Let try to put some files to see what will happen:

Burning files with Ashampoo Burning Studio

Well, I just dragged my games folder into the pane. Yes, I am playing a lot of games and as far as I can see they are about 12GB.

You can see how I changed the title of this ‘burn’ to Games and how Ashampoo adjusted the ruler and the media that these files will fit.

Unfortunately the biggest media allowed here is DVD+R DL (double layer) which allows up to 8GB.

I need to reduce (just to delete) some of the files.

Burning files with Ashampoo Burning Studio

What I did was to enter into the Games folder and deleted some of the games there.

Again the ruler is adjusted and you can see that the only option that I have is to burn these files on a DVD+R DL media.

If you do not have such media you will need to reduce the files to DVD (4,7GB) media or to CD (less than 700MB).

Ashampoo will inspect and correct the measures every time when you add or remove any files and folders.

For this example I will write something small on 700MB CD and my ruler looks like that:

Burning files with Ashampoo Burning Studio

You can use 700MB CD as well, if this is just a try.

Now press the NEXT button.

Burning files with Ashampoo Burning Studio

Ashampoo is asking for a media and what types are available.

I will put a blank CD.

Burning files with Ashampoo Burning Studio

Ashampoo automatically detect the media and check for the best option for burning.
To start writing just press ‘Write DVD‘ button. (I found only one empty DVD and no empty CD on my mandrel)

If you want to change some of the options, there is a button for that.

On the next image is it shown what options you have.

Burning files with Ashampoo Burning Studio

You can change the speed (it is not recommended!)
You can do a simulation to check whether your hardware will handle with the burning. This option is for old computers with CPU speed less than 1GH and RAM with less than 512MB

Verify written files and folders is good option which will make sure that the files on your HDD and these on the media are the same, and there are no errors occurred during the burning of the files.

Finalize CD/DVD – if it is checked, you will be not able to make changes (add or remove) files on that media.

Disk At Once mode is a process where the whole media is written to without turing the laser off.Basically there is only a single track burned onto the CD, but not many tracks for each file.
(If your CD and hardware at all is good enough choose this option)

Copy all data to HDD first – if you are writing something from other CD/DVD or from USB, this option will copy the files to your hard drive firs as it is the fastest from any other external carriers.

So, change some options if you think they will worth click OK and then click Write DVD.

The software will start burning and after some amount of time will eject the burned media.
Put it back into your CD/DVD ROM and check whether everything is fine.

You saw how easy it was to burn files and folders, and it is the same with burning Movies, Music, copy, erase CD/DVD, etc.

Hope this tutorial was helpful and I have made you a fan of Ashampoo Burning Studio.

Note: This tutorial was made with an older version of Ashampoo, but it is compatible with the newest release Ashampoo Burning Studio 8.


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  1. Ajay says:

    Dear Team,

    In this Ashampoo Burning Studio in software if any copy protected option is there?
    or if you have copy protected software?, yes, pls reply me ASAP.
    we require on urgent basis

  2. Jeff Tarnue says:

    I’m searching for shortcut keys for writing to disc in ashampoo burning. I use screen reader for all my work. Can you help? I found few though, but I don’t complete my work after organizing my files to be burned. Thanks.

  3. Mark Bergan says:

    How do I adjust the burn volume so the song I record on the CD is extremely loud when I turn the volume to maximum on whatever device I play it on?

    Also how do I find the option to ensure all tracks are recorded at the same level?

    When I first installed Ashampoo there was a setting to set the record decibel level, but I now can’t sem to find it.

    Thank you for your assistance.


    Mark B

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