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Migrate Firefox profile. Move it to another computer.

Move Forefox profile to another computer’ will be the subject of this tutorial.
We had several requests from users about how to move their Firefox passwords from one to another computer or account.
Honestly there is no easy two-clicks way to migrate the passwords, history, bookmarks, etc on Mozilla Firefox broswer.

The profile is located at:

‘C:\Documents and Settings\%User name%\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles’

We presume that your Windows is installed on C: drive. Also take in mind if you think to copy and paste this raw that ‘%User name%’ should be the username of your Windows login.

‘Application Data’ is a hidden folder so you need to enable this option: Show hidden files and folders – in order to have access and see it.

This can be done as going to:

Start button – > Programs -> Accessories -> Windows Explorer

Once Windows Explorer is opened go to:

Tools -> Folder Options …

Then on the top second tab ‘View’ and check ‘Show hidden files and folders” option.


Protect your passwords in Firefox.

Nowadays the Internet users are growing daily with hundreds even more. According to many circumstances they have different options for browsing, but there are still two-three ways to do it. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome. They are arranged by age.

Internet Explorer. Claimed – by many for the not so secure side. After fourteen years (it was launched in 1995) there are still many holes that make our live horrible when an ‘evil’ hacker create a new worm or backdoor issue.

Chrome ‘“ a new browser promoted by uncle Google. Will see what issues will appear with it.

Firefox – a web browser that is: ‘..faster, more secure, & customizable..’. Well ‘¦ yes, but according to who, what, and how.
The next tutorial will give you some directions about how to keep your saved passwords in Firefox away from curious or ill-wisher’s eyes.

‘Firefox keeps your personal info and your online interests away from the bad guys.’ ‘“ a good slogan, ‘but only for the wise’ will I add.

It is not so easy to check your passwords in IE( Internet Explorer), many knows how to steal them, but for that you must have at least a little bit of certain knowledge.

In Firefox it is disaster when the people do not know how to use their browser.
Of course the matter is if you use the option in your browser for remembering passwords.
Hope I am not right, that you are one of them, but open your Mozila Firefox and go to:

Tools – Options