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Restore (put back) already downloaded POP mail messages with mail redirect

This tutorial will help you to return e-mails already fetched from your local POP e-mail client back to the mail server you are using. I.e. if you have downloaded all your messages with this option: ‘Leave a message on the server’ – not enabled:


Install plug-in (add-on) in ThunderBird

In a few steps I will show you how to install additional extensions (add-ons, plug-ins) on you Thunderbird e-mail client.
Maybe you are already are using some Mozilla Firefox add-ons, and you want to install some useful at your Mozilla Thudnerbird.

There is a little bit difference between these two applications, as the browser (Firefox) installs them directly unlikely from the mail client (Thunderbird) where you need to install them manually.

If you do not have a noticed extension, you can download many from the official Mozilla website:

There choose an add-on and save it to your local hard drive.
For this tutorial I chose ‘Mail redirect’ used in Restore already downloaded POP mail messages. I have to mention that this add-on is working only on Thunderbird 2.0!

Anyway, just choose an extension and save it on your PC. Then open Thunderbird and go to:

Tools > Add-ons


Import settings and mails in Thunderbird from other e-mail clients

This tutorial will show you how to import Address Book, Settings and downloaded messages into Thunderbird from other e-mail clients. It will be useful when you are migrating from Outlook, Eudora mail accounts and you want to keep your setting without setting up a new Tunderbird account.

If you are visiting this page accidentally, and you are wandering why people could move over Thunderbird, here are the most important arguments:

Themesthere are 10 included into the initial installation, and there are thousands available on the web.

Thunderbird Extensionsability to add many additional features with just few clicks.

Junk Mail filteringthe best one I think can be linked to popular external spam lists with extension and basically to prevent receiving any other messages but the good one.

Message filteringagain very well customizable providing the ability to separate the received messages under different labels.

Less security bugs as it is open source application, it can be revised by many people and the security bugs to be covered in short time.

HTML compatibility it will open RSS ot HTML mail in the same way as any good browser will.

So, if you decide to move over Mozilla Thunderbird, or just want to try it, please fallow the next steps.

In general the migration (it will only copy, not delete) to Thunderbird can be done with few easy steps where you will define what to be transferred.

This can be done either during the installation of the client, or if you have it already installed there is an option: Tools – Import

How to install Thunderbird

This is a lesson that will show you how to install Thunderbird. Thunderbird is an open-source email client that is a free alternative to other email clients such as Mulberry. Thunderbird is available for download by anyone, anywhere. Because it is open-source an infinite number of copies of the software can be legally installed on any number of machines. It has many useful features, such as automatic junk-mail controls and advanced security options.

1.Thunderbird can be downloaded at:
Click the Download Thunderbird image.