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directory listing denied because of missing opened passive port range

Windows server passive port range

Really quick one. To set Windows server passive port range you should use adsutil.vbs which is one of the administration scripts located usually at: C:>\Inetpub\AdminScripts . I am saying usually as the Windows server installation could be on a different drive. The issue with the Windows passive port range is that the default firewall (firewall.cpl) […]

Right click Windows Taskbar

Log off user in Windows

This will be a quick one. There was inquiry from one of our visitors how to log off remote users on Windows server, and I will provide a quick example. To have a view on the currently logged users, the best way will be trough the Task Manager. To open it remotely just right click […]

How to remove Thumbs.db file

This tutorial will help you to remove the Thumbs.db from Windows machine. I am a Linux guy and usually do not have problems with this file, but Windows OS is well spread all over the world and often when I am giving my iPod to a friend to upload some music or video, as well […]

Windows hosts file location

Preview website without IP change

You will find this tutorial about how to set IP address for a domain name (website) manually in hosts file on Windows useful in case you are transferring your domain from one company to another, and the domain is still not pointed to the new hosting IP address. Basically this will allow you to preview […]

Check uptime on a Windows server

This tutorial explains how to check the uptime on your Windows server or personal computer (the time that a particular server or personal computer has been working). To check the uptime on your Windows server is useful when the server has crashed and restarted itself and you find it after couple of hours. Then to […]

Restore show desktop icon

This tutorial is about how to restore show desktop icon which usually is located at your "Quick Launch" section on your task bar. Restoring the Show Desktop icon can be done in few steps, but first let start with the physical location of this icon. The link actually is a file called "Show Desktop.scf" located […]

Concurrent remote desktop without log off other users

First, lets start with that, this tutorial wont work if your computer is connected to Windows domain. If you are not sure whether you are connected or not, following the next steps will not change anything fatally. Anyway, if you want to be able to use several parallel sessions of Remote Desktop, you must have […]

How to start Windows in Safe Mode

This tutorial will show you how to start Windows XP in Safe Mode. Safe mode is often used to remove some drivers and/or to do some changes on crashed configuration. This can help you diagnose and solve many serious problems. To start in Safe Mode, turn your PC on or restart it. You should press […]

Change Windows remote desktop port number

This tutorial will explain how using registry editor to change the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) port number on your Windows 2003 / XP / Vista, Windows 7 . This will be useful when you are behind a firewall or NAT and the default port 3389 is disabled. Also, there are many scanning bots ran on […]