Change DocumentRoot folder in Apache with Plesk

This tutorial will show you how to change permanently the DocumentRoot folder when you have Linux server with running Plesk.
It is useful when you have CMS (Content management system) or specific website settings and the DocumentRoot folder must be moved.

Access your server with your favorite ssh, for example Putty.
Open your domain home directory and locate ”conf” folder. Enter inside and create one ”vhost.conf” file.

when the file is created edit it with text editor to add the DocimentRoot line as it is shown bellow.

When you are ready and you have this vhost.conf file created you must include it into the httpd.include file inside the Virtual Host section.

When you are ready restart the Apache from the Plesk Control Panel or command line in order the change will take effect.

Note: The same can be done for SSL connection, but this time the file must be called vhost._ssl.conf and to be included into the https section in ”httpd.iclude”

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  1. Ashwini says:

    What option on plesk should be enable so that i can change permission of file and folder through FTP. This save time because plesk is very slow. So i mainly use FTP. Any solution.

  2. Hello Ashwini,

    Well you can change permission vi ftp just out of the box. How to do it generally depends on the ftp client you use but in the command line the command for that is is chmod.

    Best regards,
    Stephen Think

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