Change the Apple MacMail preferences

Since you are reading this tutorial I presume that you have setup an e-mail account already on your Mac Mail. If not please visit How to setup (configure) Apple Mac Mail .

As in the previous tutorial, these Mac Mail settings changes are common for ‘Panther’, ‘Tiger’ as well as other Apple Macintosh interfaces.

We will discuss how to change certain setting on your Mac e-mail client especially for outgoing SMTP server changes.

First go to ‘Mail ->Preferences’:

Change the Apple MacMail preferences

Then click on ‘Accounts’, then select Mac Mail Account Information, locate ‘Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) settings’ -> ‘Advanced settings’ button, and click on ‘Edit Server List…’

Change the Apple MacMail preferences

This will open a filed with three columns: ‘Description’, ‘Server Name’, In Use By Account’.

Description: Simply this describes the account name. It can be anything even meaningless text.

Server Name: It should be the exact SMTP server name. In most cases it is something like ‘smtp.yourdomain.tld’, but if you are not sure, please contact your e-mail service provider.

In Use By Account: You may have dozen of e-mail boxes that you receive from and each of them to have separate SMTP server, or only one for all of them. With this option you are setting which ‘Incoming’ mail box will use this SMTP to send messages.

Now for example to change the Mac Mail outgoing port number which is very common, because the outgoing port ’25’ is often blocked by the Internet Service Providers in order to prevent spam, you should go to ‘Advanced’ Section as it is shown on the image bellow.

‘Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL)’ should be checked only if your mail server supports it.

Also if your outgoing server needs authentication you choose the authentication to be ‘Password’ and then set the credentials which usually are the same as for the incoming mail server.
Once you are ready click ‘Ok’.

Change the Apple MacMail preferences

Mac Mail preferences panel will ask you whether you will save the changes to the ‘pop.your-domain.tld’ POP account. Just click ‘Save’ to continue.

Change the Apple MacMail preferences

Well, now just to click on Mac Mail’s Get Mail button. If you have all the settings correct this should be the last step and you will have to do.

Change the Apple MacMail preferences


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