Clear Skype history or disable it for bigger privacy

Whit this tutorial I will show you how to clear your Skype history.

First log into your Skype account and on the Skype window at the top navigation bar go to ‘Tools ‘“ Options’.

Clear Skype history or disable it for bigger privacy

Once you open the ‘Options’ screen go to ‘Privacy-Privacy settings-Show advanced options’ where you will find clear Skype history option.
I am not sure what is so ‘advanced’ to be able to manage your Skype history, rather than just one option available, but we won’t discuss the Skype’s developers decision.

Once you open the advanced options tab, you will see bunch of settings that you can manage in order to operate with Skype more private.
Locate ‘Keep history for’ and change this option as per your needs for keeping it for about 1 ‘“ 2 weeks or to disable Skype history at all.
Also there is this ‘Clear history’ button that will clear all your Skype history!
If you want to clear it simple press the button.

On the next image you can see where ‘Clear history’ option is located.

Clear Skype history or disable it for bigger privacy

Before about two years Skype Technologies S.A. announced that their video-voice-messenger Skype hit 100 million users. I am among this millions and probably you also as reading this tutorial.
Skype is really good software that enables millions of individuals and businesses to do free video and voice communication, send messages and files with other Skype users. Also using Skype gives the opportunity for low-cost calls to cellular phones and landlines.

As Skype is part of our live we may use it on several places and/or on different PCs. This can cause a problem with the privacy of your messages in spate of that Skype is using very good encryption. The issue is common with most messengers we use, and there was a problem with Skype since the last two versions when it was covered.

One more time I will say that if you clear your history the operation cannot be undone! So better use login account on your windows and keep some history, and only when you are on public PC delete it at all.

Clear Skype history or disable it for bigger privacy


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