Learn how to work with Contours in Photoshop

Hi friends, this post/tutorial is really very important because in this tutorial I am going to explain the technology or mechanism behind the behaviours of Contours in Photoshop. The main reason why I write this tutorial is because I have seen lots of my friends and students following some trial and error methods in Contours to get their desired output and are unable to achieve it in a single attempt.

First let us see what Gloss Contours are in Photoshop.

Gloss contours is an attribute which controls the application of Photoshop layer styles such as Drop Shadow, Outer Glow, Bevel & Emboss and many more. It is available for you here.

When you click inside the circled area in the previous image the Contour Editor dialog box opens up like this.In the gradient editor dialog box you can see a 45 degree line going from left bottom to right top. You can click and drag this line to produce different outputs of layer styles. The gradient editor has two axis. One is the x-axis and another the y-axis. The x-axis controls the position in the layer style from outside towards center. The y-axis controls the darkness/lightness in that position of the layer style.This is how contours work in Photoshop. Once you understand this concept then you can play around with layer styles and Contours in Photoshop. Ok friends, hope this tutorial was quite useful for you all. Always expect something unexpected from tutsfriend.com Contours, Photoshop Contours, Photoshop layer styles, Photoshop tutorial


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