Create and configure users in Windows Server

This tutorial will be about how to create and configure users in Windows Server. It will cover a requirement for folder access in setup FTP for Web site in IIS on Windows server tutorial.

Windows user can be created in the local management console under System Tools section, where Local Users and Groups is located. Expand it and click on Users. Then right-click somewhere on the filed and choose New User.

Create and configure users in Windows Server

If you do not know how to open the Computer Management console – this can be done with right-click on My Computer icon, and then choose ‘Manage’.
Also, another way to start user creation is to click on the top bar ‘Action’ and then ‘New user’.
This will open a field where you have to put the user credentials.

Create and configure users in Windows Server

When you are ready, uncheck: ‘User must change password at next logon’ – and then check ‘Password never expires’.
Click on Create and this will add the new user to the system.

Since this will be only FTP user we will remove some certain privileges that come by default.
Right click on the newly created user and choose Properties. Locate Remote control and uncheck the box that allows remote control or user’s session observation.

Create and configure users in Windows Server

Also click on Terminal Service Profile and check the option which says: ‘Deny this user permissions to log on to any Terminal Server’.

Click Apply and OK.

Create and configure users in Windows Server

Now you can give privileges to a folder, assign user account access, etc.

For example in this tutorial set folder permission in Windows we will use the user we just created.

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