Create domain alias in IIS on Windows server

Sometimes something rather easy to be done can be really annoying if you are not sure what to do and where to click.

In this case we will talk about creating a domain alias in IIS on Windows server.

Login to your server and click on the START button then ‘Run’¦’, and then type ‘inetmgr.exe’.

Certainly you can go and click trough the Administrative tools section to start ISS manager, but for me this is fastest and easiest way.

Create domain alias in IIS on Windows server

Now expand the (local computer), then ‘Web Sites’ and locate the site for which you want to add alias (here it is called additional web site identification).

Right click on the domain and choose ‘Properties’ option at the bottom.

Create domain alias in IIS on Windows server

This will open the properties window where you have to choose ‘Web Site’ and then to locate ‘Website identification‘ section. Click on the ‘Advanced’¦’ button which stands next to the IP of the domain.

Create domain alias in IIS on Windows server

Advanced Web site identification window (Microsoft likes to see the word ‘Advanced’ in all of the management menus) will be opened, where we are going to add a new domain alias.

Create domain alias in IIS on Windows server

Click on the ‘Add’¦’ button and ‘Add/Edit website (alias)identification’ window will appear.

Create domain alias in IIS on Windows server

Make sure that you will choose the same IP address from the dropdown menu, then set the port number on which your web server is running (the default is 80), write the domain you want, and click ‘OK’ to create the new domain alias.

Actually click ‘OK’ until you have ‘Advanced Web site identification’ and the domain properties windows closed.

Right click on the domain again and ‘Stop’ and ‘Start’ the service.
This will be enough the IIS domain alias to start working.

Create domain alias in IIS on Windows server


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  1. salman raza says:

    realy working for me. even on iis6 and iis7, windows 2003 and windows 2008.

  2. arhad says:

    Perfectly creates a domain alias in IIS on Windows 2008.

    Thank you. I was thinking it is harder, as I tried to create another domain instead of add a new alias to an existing one.

  3. Joni says:

    what if I want to add a subdomain?

  4. arhad says:

    Well, the article is about how to add domain alias on windows server, which is rather different from subdomain.

    If you are asking how to add as an alias, the procedure is the same

  5. Tonny says:

    Yes, arhad is right. If you want you can add any level domain for an alias. Even something like sub3.sub2.sub1.sub.domain.tld

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