Create MS SQL Back Up Database Task

This is the second part of MS SQL backup maintenance plan tutorial. Here we will discuss how to create and setup MS SQL Back Up Database Task.

In the previous tutorial we started with setting up time frame when the maintenance plan will run as well as the first important part to check the data base integrity, before starting the backup.

Now, the next option will be to create ‘Back Up Database Task‘ which allows you to specify the source databases, destination files, and overwrite options for a backup.

Create MS SQL Back Up Database Task

Do you see the green arrow on the screenshot? I saw this option in Delphy for a first time, and then in MS Access which is very easy to put which task after which will come.

Just left-click on the Integrity Task border and draw an arrow to the Back Up Database Task. It will be anchored automatically when you release the mouse button.

When you are ready right-click on the Back Up Database Task and choose ‘Edit’.

Create MS SQL Back Up Database Task

Here again you have to setup the connection to your server, backup type, and which databases. I will not put the screenshot as they are the same as in the previous task.

Here you will see an option called ‘Backup set will expire’, but I will pass it. The reason is that in my experience this is not working very often and the backups full the hard drive on the server which leads to various non pleasant situations.

Instead I will create separate ‘Maintenance Clean Up Database Task’ which will cover this step.

As my customers are separate I will create a backup file for every database, and for my convenience I will put them into separate sub-folders.

The last option is to check the backup integrity. I am positive on that.

The next task will be to shrink MSSQL database.


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