Create MS SQL Backup Maintenance Plan

Probably one of the worst things that can happen is to loose data especially a database which is dynamically changed. In this case if you do not have backup, you could loose money, time, nerves, etc.

With few step-by-step tutorials I will show you how to set backup maintenance plan in MS SQL.

I will use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, where in the management section I will set new maintenance plan which will create MS SQL backups on daily basis.

First open MS SQL Server Management Studio and expand the ‘Management’ section, then ‘Maintenance Plans’ section:

Create MS SQL Backup Maintenance Plan

Right-click and choose ‘New Maintenance Plan‘

Create MS SQL Backup Maintenance Plan

Put a preferred Maintenance Plan Name :

Create MS SQL Backup Maintenance Plan

The next step is to setup the Job Schedule Properties, where we will set the ‘Schedule Type’, ‘Frequency’, ‘Duration’, etc. I have marked it with red squire on the next image.

Create MS SQL Backup Maintenance Plan

Put a name of the schedule choose the parameters that fits your needs, like once a day, once a week, and if you want the MS SQL backup plan to runs forever all the time do not forget to choose ‘No end data’.

Now comes the important part!

Before back up a database it is rather a must to check its integrity, so I will add ‘Check Database Integrity Task‘.
Just drag-and-drop it into the field in right, then right-click on it and choose ‘Edit’ to set certain options.

Create MS SQL Backup Maintenance Plan

In my case the connection is local so I will leave the first option ‘Connection:’ unchanged. If your MS SQL Server is on a remote machine, click on the field and set the remote machine name.

The next option is to select databases for backup. The options are:

All databases – this will backup every database on the server.

System databases – master, model, msdb, tempdb – these are in need of the MS SQL Server itself.

All user databases – this will backup the databases on the server excluding the system ones.

These databases – an option to choose separate databases for backup.

I will select ‘All user databases’ as this what I need.

Create MS SQL Backup Maintenance Plan

Once you are ready with this option, we will continue with MS SQL Back Up Database Task


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