Critical Windows Vulnerability with Remote Desktop

Recently Microsoft released a patch for a critical bug in RDP (Remote Desktop) that may allow an unauthenticated attacker to take control to remote Windows system. This vulnerability in Remote Desktop (MS12-020) could allow Remote Code execution allowing system penetration.It rated Critical for all supported releases of Microsoft Windows.

All windows servers with automatic updates enabled should have received the patch at March 13th 2012, but if your system has the automatic updates turned off, the issue still persist.
With the bellow commands executed in command prompt you can check if the security patch is applied already:

The security update addresses the vulnerabilities by modifying the way that the Remote Desktop Protocol processes packets in memory and the way that the RDP service processes packets.

Here is maybe the point where I will say that if you change Windows Remote Desktop Port number will increase your security level – at least when the system is scanned with automated bot looking for the default 3389 port.

More information can be found at Microsoft Security Bulletin page for MS12-020:

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