Debian software selection

This tutorial continues from Partitioning disk – Debian installation and will cover the final steps of Install Debian Linux using graphical install .

We will continue with Debian Software selection as at the moment, only the core of the system is installed. To fit the system as per your needs, you can choose to install one or more of the following predefined collections of software.

The Debian software installation options are:

Desktop environment ‘“ with this package Debian will add all applications needed for fully functional Desktop environment.

Web server – program that, using the client/server model and the World Wide Web”s Hypertext Transfer Protocol ( HTTP ), serves the files that form Web pages to Web users. This will install Apache one of the leading Web server applications.

Print server ‘“ this will add print support

DNS server ‘“ if you want to have custom DNS like, then this service will be needful

File server ‘“ thjis will provide a location for the shared storage of computer files (such as documents, sound files, photographs, movies, images, databases, etc.) that can be accessed by the workstations that are attached to the computer network.
Mail server

SQL database ‘“ this is a computer program that provides database services to other computer programs or computers, as defined by the client-server model.

Laptop ‘“ includes packages for Laptop power-management and features support.

Standard system ‘“ most of the standard Linux packages that usually.

Debian software selection

The next step will be installation of GRUB boot loader on your hard disk.
Without it, for example, if you have more than two Operating systems, then you will need something like a ‘menu’ to choose which one to be started. Debian GRUB will do this to you.

Debian software selection

If you are fine choose ‘Yes’ then click on ‘Continue’ and wait till the installation finishes.
The last window will be about finish Debian installation. Just click on continue and reboot your system to start using your new Debian Linux.

Debian software selection


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