Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated hosting service is a type of service in which a client purchase whole server and do not share its resources with anyone. When the shared hosting is not enough the next step is Dedicated server.

There are several dedicated hosting types that you can find in the Network. In general they can be separated to three different types:

Hardware dedicated server – with this dedicated hosting type the hosting companies provide you with own block (rack) on their rack cages located in a datacenter with full access to it. Depending on your needs, it may have different number of processors, memory size and hard drive space.
Certainly it could be regular computer somewhere is a basement, but this is far far away from state-of-the-art datacenter.

Virtual dedicated server – also known as VPS (Virtual Private Server) – this kind of servers are simulation of hardware to allow software, usually a guest operating system, to run unmodified. There could be multiple virtualized environments within a single OS instance – usually Linux or UNIX which is running on really powerful machine called Hardware Node.

The virtualization can be implemented in different ways, and the most simple way is using Virtual Box (I am saying simple, but this is really powerful application written by Sun Microsystems). Other options are Parallels Virtuozzo, open source Virtuoso, VM Ware.
Many companies are using the Parallels solution with Plesk control panel (we have a lot of Plesk control panel tutorials) since it is flexible and includes many useful applications that can help you with your business.

Co-Location hosting – this kind of hosting is when you have built your own server by yourself and then it is setup and connected (co-located) in a datacenter. I am mentioning this since one good hardware machine including the co-location price (price per Unit) in some cases could be less then if you just purchase Dedicated or Virtual server.

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