The domain name is the first and most important part of any online business. I guess anyone who has used the Internet know this. Nevertheless, over the years I have come across in almost any case where people are losing their domains or have been misled in one way or another.
Since this article will describe the most common problems associated with domain registration, and will offer my favourite registrar.

The name of the domain.

Really important part of the domain is its name. Unfortunately there are almost no remaining domain names left that can be registered that can cover the two most important conditions. Namely: the name is short and at the same time describes the activities of a person or company.
If we follow the rules of SEO, a domain should be named something like: This is because the keyword that describes the activity of the company is a big burden when it is in the domain name.
At the same time, the domain should be easily remembered and written by the people. So, here you should choose something comprehensive and short.

Registration period.

For how long it is good to register a domain? If you are serious company and have plan for the next decade, my advice is to register a domain name for the maximum period allowed -10 years. Again for the SEO this means that you have serious intentions, and will also avoid serious headaches related to the yearly renewal of the domain. The second often is connected to the:

Domain renewal.

As I mentioned the maximum allowed registration period is 10 years for most of the domains. Certainly there are exceptions like ‘’ domains, but in general at some point you have to do a domain renewal.
What problems you may face during that procedure? The first and the most common issue is that the so called administrative information for the domain is outdated. In such case you have to prove that you are the owner of the domain sending ID, bills, addresses, and a lot of other kind of information requested by the domain registrar. So, always make sure you have updated contact information.

The domain registrar.

The domain registrar must be trusted, must protect your rights and must inform you any time when something is happening with your domain. I have seen how a domain has expired, because the registrar has forgotten to send notification. I have seen how a domain has been directly deleted without passing the appropriate conditions will the deletion.
In general there are four domain conditions:

Active – when the domain is active and works fine.
Suspended – when the domain is suspended because of non-payment or other purpose.

Redemption period – during that period the domain is not working, but still can be redeemed and returned to the owner. The redemption tax is around $100-$150, and here I have to say that it is really bad idea to leave a domain to expire, because there is a chance someone else to register it before you. Do not mislead yourself that no one will need your name. There are domain hunters that purchase domains only because of their PR (Page rank) for example.

Pending deletion – if a domain is marked with this, unfortunately the only option is to wait the domain to be released. Then if you have chance you can register it again.

Personally I have about 80 – 90 registered domains, and I have changed several domain registrars. My favorite one is They have all the needed tools that you can ever need for your domain registration, as well as that they are sending message to your contact e-mail even if you just change the Name Servers of your domains. With them I feel safe for all my domains, and I will continue to make my domain registrations there.

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