E-mail client account setup – top issue in the hosting companies

E-mail client account setup - top issue in the hosting companies

Number of years I am working for hosting companies in the Tech Support department and the most common issue is related to the setup of the customer e-mail account. In most of the cases the client just does not know the correct settings as far as that most hosting companies has different rules, server names and ports used.
We have dedicated section where we have covered the most often used e-mail clients.
Here I will provide a list of them describing shortly each one, and I will start with my favorite:

ThunderBird mail account setup

With the new version 3 of ThunderBird, there is an option for tabbed e-mails. It is really useful since this makes the mail reading and management way easier. Unfortunately I am using Linux and the current version for Linux does not support tabbing yet.

Outlook Express mail account setup

Probably the most used e-mail client, because it comes with by default with Windows XP.

Microsoft Outlook mail setup

MS Outlook is mostly used for Exchange mail servers. Certainly it can be used as regular mail clients.

Evolution Mail

This one comes with many Linux distributions, but personally I am using it really rare.

Windows Live mail setup

Live mail is the new name of Outlook Express in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Opera email account setup

Opera e-mail client was popular for a while, but currently is not.

Eudora mail account setup

Eudora is basically Oulook for Macintosh.

Setup IncrediMail account

IncrediMail launched the emoticons inside mails. Unfortunately it became paid, but there is nothing more that provides compare to a regular mail client.

Pegasus e-mail configuration

This mail client was my favorite before couple of years, but I cannot see much improvement since the last time I used it.

That is the list of tutorials we offer on our website. Certainly there are many more known or not known e-mail clients, and if you need a tutorial for any one you can submit your request in our section.

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