Eudora mail account setup

In this tutorial you will learn how to create an e-mail account in Eudora in a few easy steps.

First start your Eudora mail client.

Eudora mail account setup

There are several ways to start creating your Eudora account, like from the top navigation bar or with shortcut.I will show you two ways of creating accounts.The first is from the left where the ‘Personality’ tab is located.

Eudora mail account setup

There right-click on the personality <Dominant> to display the account menu.

Eudora mail account setup

Then choose ‘New’ and a ‘New account wizard‘ will appear, where you will have options to:

Create a brand new account

Import settings from an existing email account

Skip directly to advanced account setup

Eudora mail account setup

You can use the ‘New account wizard’ to walk trough the Eudora email creating steps. But let’s see a different way of setup, so just click the ‘Cancel’ button.

The second method is from the top navigation bar.

Eudora mail account setup

At the top navigation bar choose ‘Tools -Options’ – this will open the Eudora Options tab so just select ‘Getting Started’ in the left and then fill the fields with the correct settings.

Eudora mail account setup

As you can see there are several fields that must be filled into the ‘Options’ pane. If you are doubt what settings to use, collect them from your mail service provider.

Here is a short description for each filed in Eudora mail options:

Real name:
Enter your name as you like to appear in your outgoing mails.

Return address:
Enter your return e-mail address. This is the address where you will receive replies sent to others.

Mail server (Incoming):
Put there the mail server that you are using. Typically it is’ pop.your-domain’. (It could be different like according to the mail server setup. Contact your mail service provider if the default ‘pop’ is not working)

Login name:
Enter your login name for the e-mail. Usually it is your full e-mail address like ‘‘. However some servers are configured just to use the account name.

SMTP server (Outgoing):
If your mail server supports outgoing mails in this filed you should set it like If you are using your ISP outgoing server it could be .If that is the case check with the ISP about that.

In most cases your server will require authentication so check this option ‘Allow authentication’ at the bottom and press OK.

Now, your mail account is setup and you can see it under the personal tab.

Eudora mail account setup

In addition if it happens to setup a different e-mail client, please visit our mail clients section.

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