Eve online – review of my favorite game

Eve online - review of my favorite game

I will dedicate this post to my favorite game for almost 3 years already. To be hones there is no other game that has my attention for such long period, and I am not even sparely bored with it.
If you are not familiar with that game EVE is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMORPG) that takes place approximately 20.000 years after our times in a galaxy on the far end of the universe. In-game you can choose your destiny – you start a character from one of four races, several bloodlines, particular specialization. You can be a trader, entrepreneur, pirate, miner, police force (so called militia), investor, builder, and many more other character paths. Almost everything is up to you. You can run corporation, you can play alone, you can lie, kill, cheat (certainly to the environment of the game) – there are a lot of possibilities.

The main point in this game is that your character is training in real time (minutes, hours, days) even when you are not playing. Basically you are free out of grinding till 100+ level.
You ca purchasing books (skills) and inject them in your brain, you can create clone to keep the level of the learned skills if it happens to kill you. You can jump from one clone to another skipping a whole galaxy.

The EVE currency is called Interstellar Kredits (ISK) – there is an infinite number of ways to ways to make ISK. Again killing, stealing, mining, building – I cannot even count the whole number. The game is paid, but for the price of 300 million ISK (with a three months old character it takes about a day to collect them) you can pay for whole month. I am not blowing own trumpet, but with my main character 2years old, I am making about 1.2-2 billions per month.

Here is link to a trial account of 14 days – Eve Online . I am sure if you love it if you like spaceships and stars. Do not forget to watch the trailers – they are real in-game!

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