External links optimization

Here we continue the topic about navigation links as we already discussed Internal links optimization optimization. In this tutorial we will prolong with:

External links

The external links are all the links going outside your domain. This includes links to other domains as well as sub-domains of your domain (for example: forum.freetutorialssubmit.com).

Most people mistakenly consider that sub-domains are a part of the domain. But think about ‘www.blogspot.com’ where they have about hundreds of thousands sub-domains, and some of them are with high ranking, some of them are not indexed, and some of them are banned from the search engines for spam.

Here is an image showing a list related to the above example:

External links optimization

Take a look at number 222. Do you thing it is worth to put an outgoing link to it? No of’ course.
So, if they all were affecting each other or somehow linked between, probably the domain and all the sub-domains would crash down without been ranked ever.

The most important thing with the links going to external pages is to be pointed to good or high quality sites!

Never ever point to spam sites, adult or link farms as this will have almost immediate effect over your one, because linking out to such sites will flag you as a resident to it.

Link only to good sites, do that careful and it is necessary frequently to observe them.

The outgoing link anchor text should be descriptive and on topic.

Another important thing is that the link is good to be stable, in the meaning that this link for example: Link schemes – should stay here at least tree months before any change on it.
You can see that this link is to quality webpage from Google, related to the topic, and sitting on this page will provide positive sense for the content here after some time.

This method of using external links is really good for new websites without built prestige yet.

You can see how our website was looking in Mar-09-2007, a year after it was launched:

External links optimization

Not so much difference from the current one, except some cosmetic changes, and yes, a good external link to a valuable website at the top section.

I will provide you the following listing to have a notion, how the links are organized and what requirements they have inside the web page code. At least use it for your information if you are not going to code your pages by yourself.

With that outgoing links tutorial finishes.
The next tutorial will continue with: Other on-page ranking factors.

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