Fast and easy avatar, image and picture hosting with

With this tutorial we will promote one excellent website for picture, image and of’ course avatars called

Recently we started a good relationship with this site as the image hosting method there is very fast and easy and do not require any kind of registration.
In the same time the site will provide you with ‘copy and paste’ links of the picture and its thumbnails, which can be used directly on your site, in forums, blogs, MySpace, Facebook, eBay picture hosting etc.
Also you can simply upload and share funny images or pictures of yours with few clicks.

This advantage is well used with our site helping us with some of the images included in our tutorials.

With a few steps I will show how useful is this website.

First visit the site at

You will see rather different view from the one on the image bellow, but I crop it just to show you the core part of the home page.

Fast and easy avatar, image and picture hosting with

In the right you can see the submit panel which you may use for uploading your images.

When you click on the Browse… button it will open ‘File Upload’ pane showing your local files and folder.

Fast and easy avatar, image and picture hosting with

Locate a picture with size less than 2MB and format included in allowed list: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, wbmp, xbm, xpm, and click Open.

Honestly this will be enough and if you just click ‘UPLOAD!’ button, the picture will be uploaded and you can get the codes for the purpose you need it.

But! Before doing that you may need to know how to keep link to the picture you submitted for further usage.

If an avatar is submitted and you intend to use on several forum or blogs, there is no need to submit it every time, but just fill the field with text ‘Email?‘ inside.
With this action the form will send you an email with a direct link to it, where you always can get the code you need.

If you check ‘Private?’ option the image will never be shown on the site. Combined with an email to the link you can keep your picture or avatar private. Otherwise read the Terms of the site usage on the bottom of the home page as the picture will be published.

Other option is: ‘Resize‘. If you check it a list of resize options will appear.

Fast and easy avatar, image and picture hosting with

From there you can manage the size of the image and use it accordingly to any forum or blog picture requirements.
The list includes all know social network picture requirements as well as many desktop options.
For example if you have a picture with size 800×600 you can extrapolate it to 1024×768. Then just save it and put it on your desktop.

So, I have chosen an image, selected category and wrote keywords (to make better site) and pressed ‘UPLOAD!

The site started uploading it’¦

Fast and easy avatar, image and picture hosting with

‘¦ and when finished a thumbnail of the picture and the codes were provided:

Fast and easy avatar, image and picture hosting with

Now I can just copy and paste the codes wherever I need them.

If you click on the thumbnail it will show you the image in its full size. Then just send the link to a friend.

I hope you liked this tutorial about the fastest way of picture and image sharing hosting.

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