Gather Plesk password via SSH

This tutorial will show you how you can gather a lost Plesk password via SSH on a Unix / Linus servers. It will be useful in cases when the Plesk password is lost or forgotten.

This is rather simple to be done as the password file is not encrypted.
Login to your server via SSH, switch to root and then to see the password type:

Since Plesk 10.2 the password in .psa.shadow file is encrypted and can be shown as plain text using:


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  1. Japan shah says:

    but for that how to enable the SSH Access.

  2. Stephen Think says:

    Hello Japan shah,

    If ssh is not enabled to your server we have a problem. First let me know if this is a collocated(dedicated) server or not. Do you have physical access to the server? What operating system are you running?

    I will star a forum thread for this in about 12 hours to see if i can help you. By then I will be watching for new comments here.

    Best Regards.
    Stephen Think

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