Hosting migration steps

Hosting migration steps

You are migrating your site or sites to a new hosting company and you are wondering what has to be done in order to avoid any downtime. Whit this article I will provide you with the correct hosting migration steps for moving your website to a new hosting.

1. Set-up your site on the new hosting platform – here I mean migration of the files, data bases, changing the URLs inside the code, as well as any custom solutions which have to be working on the current hosting.

2. Check whether everything is fine using temporary URL or the IP address of your new server.

3. Changing the DNS records on the current DNS server – Instead of transferring a domain (which takes 5-7 days and during that time you do not have control over the domain and cannot change the DNS), first change all the records to point to the new hosting.
Before changing the DNS you should ask the support with the \"old\" company to lower the TTL for the domain records. Thing about TTL as the time that the DNS zones will be changed.
For example the most common TTL time used by the companies is 14400 which is about 5-6 hours – that means: if you change the records and something is not working right, you have to wait 5-6 hours before the domain be pointed back.

So, to avoid such situation, ask them to change the TTL to something like 300 (about 5-10 minutes), and if it happens to have issues yet with the migrated website, you will be able to revert to the \"old\" site really quick and continue to work with the new hosting.

4. If everything is fine after the DNS change, request a transfer and while the domain is working, will be transferred to the new company. (This last step is not necessary. You can keep your domains in different company – for example DreamHost)

Probably you can see the logic, but if you just follow this steps, this will be enough to migrate your website without worries.

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  1. Roanda says:

    Tony, thank yo for this great article. I was wondering which is first and which is second when you migrate website.

    I have only one question: Do I have to move the domain with the migrated website or I can leave it with the current registrar?

  2. Tony says:

    No, it is not a must, even better you can keep your domain with a different company.

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