How to add avatar to my forum profile.

This tutorial will show you how you can easily add avatar picture or image to a forum profile.

For the example I will use one really fast and free avatar hosting site logically named

I choose it because there is no need of account sing up and takes about 20 seconds to host your avatar.

First go to (copy and paste that link or click on free image hosting).

How to add avatar to my forum profile.

Browse picture / image you want to add to the forum profile, if you want you can add keywords, and category, but that is not really necessary.

The next option is really useful, especially when you do not have time or ability to edit the image by yourself.
I am talking about the Resize option and if you check it you will see various image standard format sizes.

I will explain only related to the tutorial.

Avatar Small 96×96 – small size avatar is the one commonly used for avatar picture on forums and Blogs
Avatar Medium 100×75 – these avatars are used often for forum underline and social networks Facebook, Dig, ect.
Avatar Large 128×128 – large avatars for head pictures and underline as well.

Here only for information will share slightly more complex details about the resize.
Let’s say that you have your own photo and want to make it avatar.
As you saw the Avatars have specific size and if the picture is not proportional it may appear deformed after it is submitted.

That is why I present the next list which could help you to make your avatar proportional.
One more time it is not a must, but will help you to make it nice.

Here are the most common image aspect ratios used in Internet.

Aspect Ratio Decimal Description
1:1 1.0 Square
5:4 1.25
4:3 1.333
8:5 1.6
16:9 1.777

Anyway if you think it is too complicated, just upload your photos and play with the site – there is no limitation to the image upload.

Back to the point. I will upload one image which will use for a forum profile.

After the upload (Browse, resized to small avatar, set private and sent to my e-mail) my avatar appears on a new screen with the link codes listed.

How to add avatar to my forum profile.

I will need only the ‘Direct HTTP Link’ which I will use for my forum avatar.
Select and copy it.

Go to the forum page, enter your account, go to ‘My Settings – My Account – Edit Avatar‘.
Select the option ‘Use custom avatar‘ and paste the copied from URL.

How to add avatar to my forum profile.

Click ‘Save changes’ and that’s it. Now you are using the hosted avatar in your forum profile.

Note: There are many different forums and the profile section may be different!


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