How to import overview settings in EVE Online

Recently CCP – the developers of Eve Online along with many other changes that came with one of the latest patches, supplemented an option to import / export your overview settings in-game.

It is very useful as now fleet commanders and buddies can provide already set up settings, so you can fly and see same things in the overview.
Also you can share your settings to other players if you have something to share as setup with few easy steps.

Import and export options can be found when you click on the small white triangle at your overview tab.

How to import overview settings in EVE Online

There locate the import overview settings option and click on it.

How to import overview settings in EVE Online

Then you will see a list of available overview settings for import. If you do not see anything, probably you do not have any exported or saved into the right place on your hard drive.

By default the location of EVE Online’s overview settings is:

$:\Documents and Settings\%User name%\My Documents\EVE\Overview

Where $ is the letter of your windows installation and %User name% is your account name in windows.

The settings are saved in .xml file format.
For example in one of the previous tutorials – PVP Overview settings in EVE Online – we have provided such file: eve_pvp.xml.
So if you do not have such file, you can download the above one and move it to the Eve overview folder and press the refresh button. Also we will provide more if you want to import them.

How to import overview settings in EVE Online

As you can see in my list I have several settings as an option to import. For example the selected one called OVER_VEW contains several pre-made settings.
PVP is when I go to fleet or roaming gangs.
ALL I use for scan and custom settings.
Brackets PVP is for my PVP setup, so I will see enemies only.
Mission – well I am not a ‘Carebear’ but we need ISKs somehow.
Fleet – when I travel with my fleet so I need to see where my mates are situated on the screen.
Global Overview Settings – is when I am in empire.

Again, if you want you may download this OVER_VIEW.xml file (just right click on it and use ‘Save as..’ – because most of the Internet browsers are displaying the XML code). Save it to the EVE overview folder and click refresh. Then choose the options you want, and click Import.

If you want to combine overview with specific brackets you can use this tutorial – Manage EVE Online overview tabs .


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