How to login to Plesk control panel

This tutorial will show you how to access Plesk control panel on a remote server.
By default it is running on port 8443 over a secure connection.

The URL should be https://IP_ADDRESS_OF_A_SERVER:8443
Here is an example with dummy IP address:

How to login to Plesk control panel

Do not forget to change with the IP of your server.
Also if you have a domain correctly pointed to your server”s IP address it can be used like
Then if everything is fine you will see the Plesk login screen waiting for username and password as it is shown on the next picture above this paragraph.

Important: If you have more than three failed attempts, the login will be locked out for 30 minutes! In this case you can unlock it using one of these tutorials according to your operating system on the server:

Unlocking Plesk control panel under Linux

Unlock Plesk control panel under Windows

How to login to Plesk control panel


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  1. sunil says:

    can u help me out that how to unlock control panel ip address.

    Sunil k Bhatt

  2. Anthony Gee Tony Potter says:

    You mean how to unlock gray-listed IP address, or how to enable particular IP on the firewall?

  3. citronel says:

    we dont now our Login: and Password

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