How to move my e-mails to a new server

Loosing mails is definitely one of the most common and most unpleasant thing that might happen to a person with a lot of daily communication activities. There could be various reasons for moving your e-mail, like changing hosting company, or moving to another server.

With this tutorial I will show you how you can move all your e-mails using e-mail client. I will do my example with Outlook Express (in Windows 7 it is just Mail or Live mail) since it comes with the default Windows installation.

The only important factor this tutorial to help you is whether your new mail provider supports IMAP.

Let us consider the following scenario:

You have existing mail service in your work, and suddenly your boss decides to change a hosting company.
What happens? The domain that the company is using probably will be pointed to new IP address and you will loose all your e-mail if you do not take backups. Ok, backups – but you are traveling all over the country and you need all the messages in webmail in order to have access to important information.
So you will be able to download your message locally, but uploading them into your new webmail will be rather annoying, especially if you have thousands of messages.

What you can do in this case is to setup Outlook express with both accounts and then just drag-and-drop the mails from the old server to the new one. The only additional action that you have to do will be if you have custom folders with specific names. Then you have to create them on the new server.

How to move my e-mails to a new server

Since the domain cannot be pointed to both servers in the same time, one of the accounts must be setup with the IP address of the mail server.

If you are not aware how to setup your account, here you can find few tutorials about how to setup your mails:

Email client tutorials

For more information about your account settings you can contact your mail service provider.


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