How to remove Thumbs.db file

This tutorial will help you to remove the Thumbs.db from Windows machine.
I am a Linux guy and usually do not have problems with this file, but Windows OS is well spread all over the world and often when I am giving my iPod to a friend to upload some music or video, as well as the media files often I have Thumbs.db file uploaded.
Sometimes this is causing error on my player or interrupts my play list, so if your case is the same and you want it removed – I will show you how.

What is the Thumbs.db purpose? – When you have pictures, images or movies, Windows tries to recognizes them and then creates so-called image thumbnails. After their creation Windows generates this file Thumbs.db, which contains information about photos and their little friends, so when you open the same media folder next time to load the previews faster.

However, if you do not like Thumbs.db, you can delete all these files without worrying about your operating system.

What you should do is to open ‘My Computer’ then press F3 (Search in Winodws), then choose ‘All files and folders’, and in the ‘All or part of file name:’ field type Thumbs.db.
Once the search finishes, select all Thumbs.db files right click on them, press the ‘Shift’ button and choose delete. Then confirm the permanent deletion of the files.

How to remove Thumbs.db file

How to stop Thumbs.db forever?

1. Press the Start button
2. Select Settings -> Control panel
3. Select Folder options
4. Open the View tab
5. Mark the checkbox ‘Don Not Cache Thumbnails’
6. Click the OK

That’s it. Thumbs.db files will no longer appear on your computer.

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How to remove Thumbs.db file


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    select all thumbs file to not delete error “cannot delete file: cannot read from the source file or disk”

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    This may happens by many reasons. For example if you have removable media or the searched Thumbs are already deleted.

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