How to start Windows in Safe Mode

This tutorial will show you how to start Windows XP in Safe Mode.
Safe mode is often used to remove some drivers and/or to do some changes on crashed configuration. This can help you diagnose and solve many serious problems.

To start in Safe Mode, turn your PC on or restart it. You should press \"F8\" key before appearance of the usual Windows XP screen shown bellow.

How to start Windows in Safe Mode

So if you have managed to press \"F8\" key in the right time the next screen should appear with Windows Advanced Options menu where you\”ll find a list of options to choose from, including the Safe mode one.
\"Safe Mode with network\" allows you to access the Internet while you are in \"Safe mode\".

\"Enable Boot Logging\" by selecting it from the boot menu, the boot log will be written to \"%SystemRoot%Ntbtlog.txt\".

\"Enable VGA Mode\" will set the video mode into VGA (640 x 480) mode, This is for diagnostics of video problems.

\"Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)\" will do system restore to the last update when your OS worked fine.

\"Debugging Mode\" This option turns on debug mode in Windows. Debugging information can be sent to another computer that is running a debugger.

\"Enable Boot Logging\" will turn on logging for any of the Safe options except Last Known Good Configuration.

\"Starts Windows Normally\" Windows will start normally

\"Reboot\" Restarts the computer.

Now make your choice and press \"Enter\"

How to start Windows in Safe Mode

Once you have made selection, you will see the loading screen filled with a list of loading files, like it is shown in the next image.
When the loading finish you will be in Safe mode !

How to start Windows in Safe Mode

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