How to unlock Plesk Control Panel login on a Windows server

This tutorial will help you to unlock your Plesk control panel running on a server with Windows operating system.

In case you have inserted three times, wrong Plesk administrator password, and your Plesk login is locked, under Windows you can unlock it with the following steps:

Open a console:
Windows Start button – > Run… -> type:”cmd”

This will open Windows command prompt.Then change the current location to the MySQL executable folder (usually it is on C: drive). In the command prompt type:

cd \

cd Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\MySQL\bin

then type or copy/paste the following line:

mysql.exe -u admin -p -D psa -P 8306 -e "DELETE FROM lockout"

How to unlock Plesk Control Panel login on a Windows server

Press ”Enter” and you will be asked for the Plesk password. After you enter it the Plesk login will be unlocked.

Note:In case you do not remember the Plesk admin password you can gather it using this tutorial: Restore a lost Plesk password on Windows server

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