How to use Skype webcam

Skype is expanding more and more and more widely not only for Skype calls, but also for socializing which includes video chats and the Skype webcams are also often used.

So, in a few steps I will explain how to use Skype webcam. Before continue with the tutorial make sure that you have working installed webcam. It should have some kind of software and if it is not working well won’t work in Skype also.

If you have your device setup, the webcam preferences in Skype can be found under “Tools” -> “Options”.

How to use Skype webcam

The very first tab is “General” where the Skype video settings section is located. When you click on it a pane will be opened and you will be able to setup your Skype webcam.
Just click on “Enable Skype Video” and if your webcam is configured correctly, at right, you will see video.

How to use Skype webcam

If you click on “Webcam Settings” you will be able to manage the default Video Capture properties.

According to your Skype web camera the settings may vary, but in common you shall have:

Brightness – an attribute of visual perception in which a source appears to be radiating or reflecting light.

Contrast – the difference in visual properties that makes an object distinguishable from other objects and the background.

Hue – is simply another word for colour. It is the quality that distinguishes one colour family from another.

Saturation – a measure of a color\”s pureness and brilliance.

Gamma ‘“ changes the luminance of the Skype.

How to use Skype webcam

In case you still have issues with your web camera click here to find the officially supported Skype webcam drivers. Also you can visit online shop for Skype Webcams

Another useful tutorial is how to install Skype where also you will learn how to add contacts.


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  1. Heathe says:

    “unable to set tary tray”? what does it mean?

  2. Guest says:

    Where did you see “unable to set tary tray” ?

  3. Yorkielove says:

    I know absolutely nothing about webcams, so this is not detailed enough for me. For instance, is Skype a paid service? What do I do once I download and open the software? Can you IM with this software? I appreciate your help with these questions.

  4. karaj sahoya says:

    this is first try of skype webcame

  5. julie says:

    got the camera settings,easy to follow instructions

  6. Mike says:

    u have more contacts than me :(

  7. sylvia says:

    too gud

  8. Masterpiece says:

    great tutorial.

  9. bob says:

    i want talk somebody

  10. toby canlas says:

    the other person can not see me on video, but i see could him. What do I do? sounds is o.k.

  11. Guest says:

    i like skype

  12. Bemar D. Torres says:

    I used skype for almost 3 months. But lately i encountered problem i could see the other party but they could not see me in video

  13. Tonny says:

    Hi Bemar,

    If it is only with one person it could be because of his settings.
    Ask him if he has video enabled in skype (Tools-> Options -> Video Settings -> Automatically Receive Video from people in my contact list)

  14. samueleze says:

    its good nd i like it

  15. robert torralba says:

    how to use webcam on my computer to connect skype??

  16. robert torralba says:

    connect skype to webcam

  17. shawn says:

    it is great

  18. ninjai says:

    nice one, but what i’m trying to do is us my newly purchased webcam and not use the built in cam in my netbook.

  19. ananda jayaratne says:

    i cant download skype in the dubai

  20. Tony says:

    Hi Ananda, try using proxy, for example.

  21. owais says:

    ya this is good i follow these steps and successfully use it

  22. fatima says:

    i can not connect my webcam

  23. hap newboy says:

    i like it

  24. sartono says:

    no request and rong skype i am seting skype?

  25. bob says:

    How do I remove the flower boarder around the web cam pcture of me when I use skype.

  26. Tony says:

    I am not sure what is this flower border. If you can post screen-shot at and paste it here, we could give suggestions.

    Most probably this border is coming with the camera software.

  27. RAJ says:

    veery nice girls

  28. Terri Harper says:

    I need a webcam for job I am applying for

  29. Tony says:

    You can have one from here: Cameras

  30. denis walsh says:

    Ref your description of webcam installation in win7.
    I am running 64bit and it still wont work.
    everytime I go on any skype call or VIDEO button skype stops running / freezes.
    yet its configured up correctly because skype finds it,
    hard to believe I know in skype test window but as before freezes.
    it the webcam could work in live messenger, but i would prefer to use skype if poss.
    other wise your explanation would be spot on the easeist and most simple to follow I have come across (GOOD OLD PLAIN ENGLISH) THANKS.
    any help you can give will be greatly recieved at above email.

  31. amy says:

    If you change your skype webcam settings does that change how others see you or just how you see yourself?

    • Kris meade says:

      Thank you Amy, I will give that a try, I can see my six week old grandson, but my family can’t see me, but will keep trying. Defeat is not in my vocabulary!

  32. alyssa says:

    I made an acct with Skype and now I cant figure out how to finish setting up my acct? it says 90% finished and I cant find anywhere to webcam. I have invited someone and they accepted but I cannot see that and I cant find contacts or anything. PLEASE HELP!

  33. alyssa says:

    I made an acct with Skype and now I cant figure out how to finish setting up my acct? it says 90% finished and I cant find anywhere to webcam. I have invited someone and they accepted but I cannot see that and I cant find contacts or anything. PLEASE HELP!


    • Anthony Gee Anthony Gee says:

      Unfortunately I cannot tell what’s exactly wrong on your computer. Microsoft recently bought Skype, so it should be 100% compatible with Windows 8.
      Try to reinstall/repair Skype.

  34. Kris meade says:

    When I Skype my relatives in the UK I cannot get them to see me on the screen. The camera bit comes up with a red line through it. I click on it to remove it,but it comes back again, which is very frustrating as my grandson can’t see me. Can you help, please?

  35. says:

    Great Job!! Love this website, so much information that is actually interesting and educational!! Really glad I found it!!

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