Install and use JDownloader with Firefox

JDownloader is an open source application which helps you to download files just with few clicks, offering parallel downloading of multiple files.
The platform has many features included as captcha recognition, file extraction and can import CCF, RSDF and the new DLC files.

Latest stable version can be downloaded from the official website:

JDownloader is completely written on Java and to work it needs JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed on the computer. JRE can be downloaded from:

If you do not have Java on your computer, just go to the site, choose the correct OS (Operating system) and follow the instructions till you have it installed.

I presume you have JRE already, so download JDownloader and unzip it on your hard drive.

Start the ‘exe’ file, and you should see the initialization screen.

Install and use JDownloader with Firefox

When first started it will create some additional configuration files locally, in the same folder where the executable is located. Then it will ask you few installation questions as where the default ‘Download‘ folder will be’¦

Install and use JDownloader with Firefox

‘¦ and whether you want to install jDownloader as add-on for Mozilla Firefox (click OK here if you want it) ‘¦

Install and use JDownloader with Firefox

‘¦ as well as many ‘free’ services related to JDownloader like Click’n’Load:

Install and use JDownloader with Firefox

And Kikin :

Install and use JDownloader with Firefox

Personally I like to keep the things simple and I’ve passed the last two. It is ok the application will work fine with or without them.

So, when you clicke ‘OK’ for the Firefox plug-in, a new window will appear offering you JDownloader add-on installation.

Install and use JDownloader with Firefox

Click on ‘Install now’ and restart Firefox.

Then go to a site which content you want to download, select a part of links (just mark them with all the stuff around) or right click on the page and choose ‘Download all links‘.

Install and use JDownloader with Firefox

This will send all the links to JDownloader and will make a queue:

Install and use JDownloader with Firefox

All the files/links can be downloaded in the same time, but this will overload your Internet connection, so you can leave the default: ‘Max. Connections 2’ and ‘Max. Downloads 2’ or you can manage from the boxes located at the bottom of the application.

Now, at the top left corner there is a ‘Play’ button. To start downloading the files, just click on it.

There is one annoying option that must be accepted – TOS (Terms Of Service). Read the TOSs and click ok to start the download.

Install and use JDownloader with Firefox

When the process is started you will see the progress of downloading files and the current connection speed. If the files are too heavy you may minimize the application to the tray. There will be a pop-up window every time when a download is finished.

Install and use JDownloader with Firefox

If you want to uninstall jDownloader just delete the folder which contains it. Since it is stand-alone application this will be enough.

About the JDownloader Firefox add-on – open your Mozilla Firefox, go to: ‘Tools -> Add-ons‘, and there locate ‘jDownFF‘ choose uninstall option and restart the browser.

Install and use JDownloader with Firefox


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