Installation instructions (setup) osCommerce online shop.

This tutorial will go trough the steps of installing (setting-up) osCommerce online shop. You can use it as a review since the setup is not so difficult, and also you may check this tutorial osCommerce installation – preparatory settings where you will find more information about the hosting requirements, osCommerce files upload, and installation script permissions.

If you have it passed already you should know that the URL where you should go is: where ‘ocs’ is the folder which contains the osCommerce installation files on your hosting ..

Ones you are you will see the osCommerce Online Merchat welcome message:

osCommerce Online Merchant allows you to sell products worldwide with your own online store. The administration side manages products, customers, orders, newsletters, specials, and more to successfully build and thrive on the success of your online business.
We have attracted the largest community for an online shop shopping cart solution that consists of over 140,000 registered store owners and developers who help one another out and have provided over 4,000 add-ons that extend the features and potential of your online store.
osCommerce Online Merchant and its add-ons are available for free under an Open Source license to help you start selling online sooner without any licensing fees or limitations involved.

Installation instructions (setup) osCommerce online shop.

In general you will need to pass three steps for successful osCommerce installation:
1. Database Server ‘“ if you do not know your Database Server credential, please gather them from your hosting provider.
2. Web Server ‘“ the store will suggest probably the best web server settings.
3. Online Store Settings ‘“ there you will write the name of the store as well as the owner (company) name.

Click ‘Continue’ on the first page and the database configuration screen will appear:

Installation instructions (setup) osCommerce online shop.

The database server stores the content of the osCommerce online store such as product information, customer information, and the orders that have been made.
Fill the form and keep in mind that if you put wrong settings an error message will appear:

‘There was a problem connecting to the database server. The following error had occured:
Access denied for user ”admin”@”home.mydomain.tld” (using password: YES)
Please verify the connection parameters and try again.’

Please consult your server administrator if your database server parameters are not yet known.
Once you fill successfully the Database Form click again on ‘Continue’ to go to the next osCommerce installation step, which will be the osCommerce Online Store Stettings.

Installation instructions (setup) osCommerce online shop.


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