Keyword Proximity and phrase order

On this page we will continue the theme of the additional optimization factors from the previous one Keyword font size.
The next factor which we are going to examine is:

Keyword Proximity

Proximity of a keyword is really nearness between the keywords which you want to be prominent in your text. The rule here is as closer as better.
Something that I just did with the phrase I intend to optimize this page for.

Let me give an example of effective use of keyword proximity:

If I want to write an article about page optimization, and the keywords considered as targeted are the same: ‘page optimization’. To use the keyword proximity I will do this thing:

Look how I used ‘page optimization’ keyword in both forward and reverse proximity. First ‘…called page optimization‘ and then ‘Optimizing pages is’¦‘.
Sometime it is not so easy to make keyword proximity usage, but search engines like it, so spend some time for that.

Please take in mind that keyword proximity is not the same with the next factor:

Keyword phrase order

The phrase order of a keyword is considered by some of the SEO specialists as not so important, because you are using same words that should be optimized on your page.
My opinion is that the keyword phrase order really matters and it is definitely relevant.

Simply try a search in any search engine and you will get different results by changing their order.

I will provide an example with two screen shoots. I have made them because the result may vary at the time you are reading this tutorial.

The first phrase is ‘Skype smiles’

Keyword Proximity and phrase order

You can see that there are about 300 000 results and our article is on the front page.

What if we change the keyword phrase? The result for ‘smiles Skype’ is on the next image.

Keyword Proximity and phrase order

We get completely different results and no more on the screen. The results still are about 300 000, though.

So, you can see that the keyword phrase order is definitely relevant.

What can be done in order to get results relevant to your page with phrase order words mixed around?

Well, use Keyword Proximity in your texts!

This was the last part of body text optimization factors. The next tutorial will be about Image optimization on your site.

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