Keywords in web page body text – on-page optimization.

This section "Keywords in web page body" is probably the most important part of the on-page optimization series starting with On-page optimization tutorial.
The reason of that is because even if you do not have the rest of the on-page optimization factors, the search engines (SE) may research and consider that a particular keyword is well related to your page and may put it on their first search listing pages.

Keywords in web page body text - on-page optimization.

The hardest part here is that you have to create and organize your body text content to be well optimized for both SE and the page visitors. If you design your site with too many targeted keywords, bolded and underlined without reasonable purpose, this can make your site unreadable and can push the visitors to close their browsers almost immediately.

Closing a page almost a few seconds after a visitor has landed on it is not good behavior called ‘Bounce Rate’. This trigger used by the SE is a factor, which tells them how reliable the content of the page is to the people they have sent to your site from a particular keyword search.
Simply said ‘Bounce rate’ is the number of visits in which a visitor has left your site without changing the landing page. A big ‘Bounce rate’ indicates that the content of a particular landing page is not relevant to the visitor and you should consider changing the text, design, or on-page body text keyword optimization.
Some people interfere ‘Exit page’ with ‘Bounce rate’, but they are rather different. The main distinction is that the ‘Exit page’ factor is the page where your visitor has left your site, but it could be good exit, when it is purchase or ad page, and bad one which is resolving as ‘Bounce rate’.

Here is a good example of well optimized body text as well as with good structure for the readers, in one of our top visited game tutorials with low ‘Bounce rate’:

PVP overview settings in EVE Online

Keywords in web page body text - on-page optimization.

Yes, it is game tutorial, but in that case the content does not matter, and we are looking for good bolded keywords that not provoke negativism in the visitors.

I will finish this tutorial with an advice when you design your site, you will need to create a balance between your targeted keyword (these you are optimizing for) and your content. This is still part of the SEO Compliance from the SEO optimization flower.

Keywords in web page body text - on-page optimization.

Let’s continue with the next tutorial related to the body text optimization called: Keyword density in body text

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