Learn to Make Beautiful MP3 Player in Illustrator CS5

A great illustrator tutorial which will help you create a beautifully-made, realistic-looking MP3 Player with ear-pieces. If you were having problems as to how to make your products in illustrator as realistic it can be, then here’s the tutorial specially made for you. The use of gradient and how it defines various shapes of the MP3 layer will be shown.

So, here are the things we need before we make our own vectorized MP3 player: First and foremost is the Illustrator CS5. Next, time allotment is twenty to thirty minutes. Beginners and Advanced learners might have the same time needed since this is an easy-to-understand, step-by-step tutorial. Lastly, before producing your own creation, you might want to take a quick glance on the finished product as to have a clear idea on how you would want your creation to be done. Of course, you could always have your own choice of color.

There are around 20 steps in total which you might think is just too many. Actually, these 20 steps will guide you like a small kid on how to start doing a thing, as to avoid confusions and headaches. You can skip some of the steps, especially at the start if you have already the knowledge on how to begin it. Illustrations are shown on the link, with arrows and zoom capacity. Sentences are kept simple too so that it would be easy for everyone to understand each step. Basically, that’s it. Show your creative side and produce the best MP3 you can. Let it look as real as possible with the help of this tutorial.

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