Manage EVE Online overview tabs

This tutorial will show you how to manage your Overview tabs in Eve Online. Solely this tutorial cannot provide much information as it is a completion of previous Overview and Brackets settings. For example if you have PVP Overview settings and Fleet PVP brackets, you can continue and create Overview tab. Otherwise you simply cannot continue.

So, I presume you have set up already an EVE Online Overview and Brackets settings and you want to combine them into an Overview tab.
Like this one:

Manage EVE Online overview tabs

If it is so, go and click on the white triangle on your Overview in EVE.

Manage EVE Online overview tabs

Then go to ‘OVERVIEW TAB’ where you will see fifteen empty boxes.

Manage EVE Online overview tabs

Certainly these fields are clear if you have never had made any overview settings.
Their description is:

TAB NAME – the name of the tab that will be shown on the Overview pane in EVE, as you can see the PVP one on the first image in this tutorial.

OVERVIEW PROFILE – here you will set your overview settings for example PVP Overview settings

BRACKET PROFILE – this one is also for pre-prepared overview settings saved as brackets (these are the celestial objects marked with different icons in EVE space). Example of such settings you can see in Fleet PVP brackets.

I presume you have already ‘Overview’ and ‘Brackets’ settings prepared. Type something in ‘Tab name’ one for example PVP. Then choose overview settings and brackets. Then just simply press ‘APPLY’ button on the bottom of the window and your settings will be added to the EVE Overview.

Manage EVE Online overview tabs

You can repeat these steps with five different overview settings. On the next image you can see how I have setup mine.

I have ‘PVP’- for big fleets and laggard battles, ‘Fleet’ – for small gang and chasing, ‘ALL’ – I am using it for scan and manual selection, and ‘Travel’ – when I am traveling trough EVE Empire or low-sec. I will make some more tutorials about them as well as ‘Mining’ and ‘PVE’ (Player versus NPC)

Manage EVE Online overview tabs


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