Migrate (move) SSL certificate from Windows to Linux

Often, people who are not familiar with hosting servers, to be enticed by sales agents to buy new SLL certificates, because \"It is not possible to be migrated from Windows to Linux\".
With this tutorial I will show you how to move existing SSL certificate from Windows to Linux server.

Here I have to say that this tutorial will work, only if the certificate was installed with this option checked: ‘Mark this key as exportable. This will allow you to back up or transport your keys at a later time.’ Check the screen-shoot bellow to see what I mean:

Migrate (move) SSL certificate from Windows to Linux

So, if this option was not checked during the certificate installation I am afraid that the only option is to ask the certificate issuer.

Well, I hope in your case this option was checked, so let’s continue with the SSL certificate migration.

First export the certificate from the Windows server. Depending on the server configuration you can export it from IIS:

Just if you are not aware:
Click Start Buton -> Run… – type: intemgr – then locate the domain, right click then Properties – Directory Security – Server Certificate

Migrate (move) SSL certificate from Windows to Linux

If you have Active Directory setup to export the certificate:

Again just in case you do not know how:
Click Start Buton -> Run… – type: mmc – then Open – Add/Remove Snap-in.. – click ‘Add’, choose certificates, choose computer account, then ‘Local computer’. Then expand ‘Certificatesc – ‘Personal’ -‘Certificated, locate the certificate and right click on it. Click ‘All task’ and ‘Export..’.

Migrate (move) SSL certificate from Windows to Linux

I presume you have successfully managed to export the SSL certificate pfx file.
Now to transfer from the Windows to the Linux server the exported certificate we have to: Extract SSL certificate and key from PFX file


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