Negative on-page optimization factors

Negative on-page optimization factors

Since we discussed the positive SEO factors in On-page optimization tutorials, the next step is to describe the negative on-page optimization factors.

The factors provided bellow are the current with definitely negative effect. We will update them frequently, but take in mind that the search engines can change their algorithms and ranking conditions suddenly without a notice.

Proof of the above words is that not long ago Google decide to allow the duplicate content, something chased with zeal before that. What they do was just to arrange the content as putting oldest to the top, then the second choice down, etc.

It is pity, but this could be really worst for people with new and rare spidered pages whose content has been stolen from some one with site visited often by the search engines.

Another case is with so called ‘invisible text’. Text with color same as the page background not visible in the browsers, but crawled by the search engine spiders. Such pages are no panelized probably because not everyone can be caught.

Let me provide you with the list of the tutorials regarding the matter. I must tell you that you may find more negative factors then the listed bellow, but we are giving you the really ‘bad’ of them.

Text images, flash and HTML frames
Description of why these three Web page components are not liked by the search engines with several examples provided.

Overdone optimization
Do not push with the optimization so much. The tutorial gives an example about should not be done.

Bad neighborhood linking
Explains how bad is linking to poor quality sites, and how this can affect your site.

Cheating with redirect
Avoid redirecting of a page with non allowed methods! The correct way is described with several script models.

Bad words and language
Use proper language and Do Not use words and phrases considered as uncomfortable.

Too frequent content changes
Breaks the myth saying that the search engines like so much the content refreshing. Discuss also dynamic pages and anchor text.

With that the list ends, and as I said there could be more negative search engine optimization factors, but these are the most important.

Do not forget to update your knowledge with the latest SEO tendencies frequently!

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