On-page (landing page) optimization tutorials

On-page (landing page) optimization tutorials

There were many questions and tutorial requests submitted on our website asking for more information about search engine on-page optimization and ranking factors.

In a line of twelve on-page optimization (in private landing page) tutorials plus one for on-site optimization factors, we have made a walk-trough guide how you can improve your site and increase the visitors coming by organic searches.

We do not claim that this is a search engine reverse engineering, but just provide information with the latest SEO tendencies.

Bellow is a list of on-page optimization tutorials with a short description for each.

The tutorial we start with is:

On-page optimization advices and ranking factors – keywords
Here you will find information about keywords usage in the Domain Name and the Title Tags on your page. Descriptions and examples with the latest search engine requirements.

Keywords in Meta tags. Description and Keyword meta tags on-page optimization.
As the title says here will be discussed the usage of the Meta Tags when we speak for on-page(consider that on-page could be only one landing page) optimization.

Keywords in web page body text – on-page optimization.
This is very important tutorial which will provide information for the visible part of your site.

Keyword density in body text
This one continues the matter from the previous one explaining the density in the body text of your page.

Additional body keyword optimization factors
Some more information about page body optimization with good example how you should NOT do.

Keyword font size for good on-page optimization
Good examples how to decorate your site with important elements such general HTML tags, and convert them to suitable text for your users.

Keyword Proximity and phrase order
New tricks how to influence the search engine as they get smarter and use new methods of content recognition.

Image optimization advices
On-page optimization tutorial regarding the images on the web site which are undivided part of it.

Internal links navigation – optimization
Here you will find information about internal link usage and organization.

External links optimization
Simply ‘Never link to a ‘bad’ page’. Watch your external links frequently and link only to reliable to the topic sites.

Other on-page ranking factors
This tutorial describes some additional on-page optimization and ranking factors such as: Page renovation, Frequency of page updates, Page size, URL division, URL length and Page links renovation.

Other on-Site ranking factors
Here are touched some factors as domain extension, site size, site age and a page age.

With that the list of positive on-page optimization and ranking factors ends. Read them, think smart, read more, and good luck with your site!

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Also connected to this tutorials are the Negative on-page optimization factors

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