Online backup on GMail

Within a few steps I will give an example how you can backup your files on GMail account.
To continue with this tutorial you will need such user account already registered.

You can store data manually by e-mailing your self with the files you want to keep save, and easy accessible on the Net, but there is an easiest way to do that with ‘GMail Drive shell extension’.

As the developers said:

GMail Drive is a Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual drive in the Windows Explorer, allowing you to use your Google Mail account as a storage medium.‘

Click on the above link and you will land on Softpedia’s website for free download of the tool. Then download from the closest mirror and install it.

It takes about few seconds, and when the installation of the GMail Drive finishes there will be a new virtual device added in My Computer.

Online backup on GMail

Enter the credentials for your Gmail account and click ‘OK’. If you need, you can work with SHTTP and Proxy server as well.

Secure HTTP is for secure connection, like ‘’.
With this option checked all your data will be transferred encrypted to the drive.

Once you click ‘OK’, the software will login to your account in a couple of seconds.

Online backup on GMail

Then an empty folder will appear with no data in it.

Online backup on GMail

If you are wondering why it is empty as you have hundred of e-mails in your account, the reason is that this is an online drive inside your GMail account, but separate from the rest of the date there.

Now, you are connected and the only thing that you need to do in order to backup your data is to drag and drop (copy – paste) files from your local hard drive to the GMail one.

When you do that a transfer progress bar will appear giving you an approximate ETA.

Online backup on GMail

Once the file is uploaded to the GMail Drive it will appear in your mail box as a message with prefix GMAILFS

Online backup on GMail

To keep easy eye on these files you can create a label such as ‘Backup files’ and to assign all the received messages with GMAILFS prefix to be listed there.

I will finish with that the size of a single file transferred should not exceed 15MB. Otherwise you will receive an error saying: ‘The connection to the server was terminated abnormally‘

Hope you like this tutorial about how you can use GMail drive to make backup of your files.

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