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Online communityRecently moved over WordPress as this great publishing application fits the expanding needs of the Free Tutorials website community.

While in the beginning the online community was dependent on the faunders participation, now the relationships within the membership base have been established. Now our main goal is to keep the community self supporting, as this will allow more people to get online help as well as ability to share their knowledge. We believe that the meaning of knowledge is to share it giving the chance more people to find their path for helping their followers. Helping each other we can develop more depth in the member-to-member relationships. We are led by reason same as the one that makes people actually want to help others in the tech community – it feels good to help others. We  admire the philosophy which encourages everyone to share their experience and  knowledge with the others in the tech crowd, as often helping is like solving a problem – you are reinforcing your own abilities.

For now the old style submission form was kept, where you can submit tutorial or article, pointing online community discussions to your sites or particular page of yours.

Once the website is fully migrated we will open the internal WIS-WIG system for authors published more than five articles or tutorials and requested access.

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Anthony Gee About the Author: Anthony G. is an IT specialist with more than 9 years of solid working experience in the Web Hosting industry. Currently works as server support administrator, involved in consultative discussions about Web Hosting and server administration. One of the first writers in the website, now writing for Free Tutorials community - he is publishing tutorials and articles for the wide public, as well as specific technical solutions.

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