osCommerce Online Store Stettings

Please read the previous article since this tutorial is ‘part 2’ of Installation instructions (setup) osCommerce online shop.

If you have read it already lets continue with step osCommerce Online Store Settings.This web-based installation routine will correctly setup and configure osCommerce Online Merchant to run on the server.

Please follow the on-screen instructions that will take you through the database server, web server, and store configuration options. If help is needed at any stage, you also can consult the documentation or seek help at the community support forums.

osCommerce Online Store Stettings

The web server takes care of serving the pages of your online store to your guests and customers. The web server parameters make sure the links to the pages point to the correct location.

You will have to fill the Online Store Settings:

Store Name – The name of the online store that is presented to the public.

Store Owner Name – The name of the store owner that is presented to the public.

Store Owner E-Mail Address – The e-mail address of the store owner that is presented to the public.

Administrator Username – The administrator username to use for the administration tool.

Administrator Password – The password to use for the administrator account.

When you are ready please click on ‘Continue’, and if you see: ‘Finished! The installation and configuration was successful!’ ‘“ as on the picture bellow ‘“ you are ready with the installation.

osCommerce Online Store Stettings

Now you can either choose to visit your osCommerce catalog or administration tool.
My advice is go to the store first, where you will find warning messages if there are any.In my case I have two:

Warning Warning: Installation directory exists at: /usr/local/www/mydomain.com/httpdocs/osc/catalog/install. Please remove this directory for security reasons.

Warning Warning: I am able to write to the configuration file: /usr/local/www/mydomain.com//httpdocs/osc/catalog/includes/configure.php. This is a potential security risk – please set the right user permissions on this file.

osCommerce Online Store Stettings

Now again using FileZilla FTP client or any other preferred, you must delete the installation folder, as well as changing the permissions for ‘configure.php‘ ‘“ the opposite we did in: osCommerce installation – preparatory settings – change the osCommerce configuration file permissions to 644 since it just must be not writable.

Now you can go to the admin section of your osCommerce, which can be reached as just adding ‘/admin/’ to your sore URL. In my case for example this will be:


When you visit osCommerce Administrator Login section for a first time you will see a message:

‘No administrators exist in the database table. Please fill in the following information to create the first administrator. (A manual login is still required after this step)’

– and a button saying:’ Create Administrator’. This will be the last step – now just login to your new osCommerce online store.

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