osCommerce password reset using PHPMyAdmin

I will dedicate this tutorial to the people who had lost their ‘web guy’ by any reason.
Statements like: ‘The guy who cared for the site is not longer with the company’, ‘My tech guy passed away’ (this may sound like cynicism, but behind it often stands:’ I didn’t pay last time and my web designer left me…’), etc. – are really often when the owner of the site and the designer is different person.

Take the above as a joke usually spread within Tech Support. I do not mean to insults anyone, but even I will help you with the resolution of one really annoying problem ‘“ osCommerce lost password.

With the next few steps we will do osCommerce password reset using PHPMyAdmin.
There is no qualitative hosting without PHPMyadmin installed , so I presume you have such one and you can access the osCommerce database using it.

So, open you PHPMyAdmin(PMA) and locate the osCommerce database. I am afraid that if you are having many databases with no recognizable names it will be rather tough, but you may compare it with the next screenshot:

osCommerce password reset using PHPMyAdmin

If you see tables like: ‘customers_basket_attributes, customers_basket, orders_products_attributes, orders_total‘ you are at the right place.

Locate a osCommerce table called ‘administrators’ and click on it, as I have done on mine.
You will see list of the administrators users (usually it is only one) together with their encrypted passwords.

osCommerce password reset using PHPMyAdmin

Now we have to edit this entry in order to have osCommerce password reset.
To do that just click on the little ‘pencil’ icon.

osCommerce password reset using PHPMyAdmin

Maybe you are asking yourself: ‘..what will happen if I change an encrypted password with plain one?’ ‘“ This won’t help you to change the osCommerce password!

In the next box I have put MD5 string which stands for password: changeme

Now, copy the above string and paste it instead of the current osCommerce password.

osCommerce password reset using PHPMyAdmin

Click on ‘Go’ and the osCommerce password is different ‘“ now it is ‘changeme‘, so go to your osCommerce login screen and use it.
Then, as the password says go and change it to your favorite one.
You may find nice advises about password creation in this article: The Art of Creating Passwords.


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    thanks, is that merely an md5 or you applied salt in it?

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    It’s working perfect! thank you!

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    Worked perfectly! Thank you.

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