Overdone optimization

We continue the negative on-page factors from the previous tutorial Text images and flash, and the topic in this one will be about penalties when you are over optimizing your pages / sites.

In our line of On-page landing page optimization tutorials we were discussing the positive on-page optimization factors and how you can implement and use them on your web pages.

We spoke there about if you follow them, will be a good for your site ranking. But what will happen if you excessive with the usage of the on-page optimization factors?
Simply your site can be penalized for over optimization.

If you do things like a page title such this one: ‘Optimization over when you do over optimization and your site will also over.’

‘¦ and make your site full of H1 tags.

Overdone optimization

Also do not forget to make all bolded words H1, and all the META tags with a hundred of thousand same words. Then you will have 100% overdone optimization.

Now seriously, you got the point.
There is a tinny line which you have to not cross. If you just put one and the same keyword everywhere on your page, the result could be a penalization by the search engines.

Such behavior is basically called keyword stuffing. And as I mentioned it could be done in body, META tags, even with image’s (especially when you have many) alternative text.

Overdone optimization

You can see how three different images have one and the same stuffed alternative text.

With whit the above images I gave you an example of body keyword stuffing, let me give you an example of META tag over optimization.

You can see here how the ‘meta name="keywords"’ is exploited with keyword many times repeated.

Even without such numbers if you optimize your web pages too much, it can provoke a negative effect on your rankings. To avoid that, use keyword proximity and different phrase order, use synonyms and certainly keep a good web design to evade visitor bouncing.

For now only Goolge is severe about keyword stuffing. The other search engines have no such sense yet maybe, or count on different factors regarding your page ranking. But even with Google, overdone optimized websites in foreign languages may pass the penalty.

Lets continue with Bad neighborhood linking, another negative on-page factor. Actually it is the worst one.


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