Parallels Plesk installation on Linux server

Recently a friend of mine asked me to help him with the installation of Plesk control panel on Linux server. He had tried with the Plesk auto installer, and with the whole package of 600 plus MB.
He did not manage to start the auto installer and no luck with the whole package because of a lot of dependencies errors during the manual installation of Plesk.
On top of that he was trying to do the installation on currently non supported Ubuntu Linux version.

With the next tutorial I hope I will help other people to safe some time instead of scratching their heads over Plesk installs. In this example we will use the Plesk auto installer since it this method is at least faster.

I presume you have your auto installer from , and also you have installed supported operation system.
In my case I have installed Ubuntu 8.04.4 server edition.
I have to say that the installation using the auto installer is very common, and is rather the same on different Linux OS’.

Start and login to your Linux. Then you will need to download the auto installer package.
I will use ‘wget’. To gather the autoinstaller URL address you may use ‘lynx’ or just to retype it from the Plesk webpage.

This is a binary file which can be executed directly from the command line, but you must set on the Plesk autoinstaller executable permissions first (chmod +x). Then start the parallels installer binary file.
Do not forget to use ‘sudo’ if you are not logged as ‘root’.

You will see Parallels Installation Wizard’s welcome screen.
The wizard will guide you through the installation or upgrade process. And will warn you to backup your data before installing or upgrading any Parallels products.

At the bottom you will see the available options and the letter assigned to them. In this case to start the installation or upgrade, press N and then press Enter. The other option is Q to quit the installer.


* Before installing or upgrading Parallels products, be sure to back up your data.

* New installation of product(s) should be performed on clean servers only.
Specifically only the operating system with the networking option should be
installed for new installation.
Parallels will not be held liable for damages as a result of installing
product(s) on a server with anything other than a fresh installation of the
operating system for which the product(s) installation was intended.

To continue just press Enter since ‘N’ is the default option. The installation will proceed with Select products software source for Plesk installation.

Parallels Plesk installation on Linux server


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